Sunday, 24 February 2013

Kommensing with KDE

There are things in life which you look up to do, you desire to achieve, you wish to get but somehow you are unsuccessful. In my life both writing and developing a software has been a dream kind of thing but both needed a start up !

And surprisingly I feel proud and am surprised to say that both startups came in my life co-incidentally together. This is the best thing according to me. I must thank +Yash Shah  and +kEsHa sHaH  for that. +Yash Shah , for organising such an interesting Meet Up and motivating me to participte and +kEsHa sHaH , for writing her interesting blog on first day at KDE Meet Up. Both of these worked as a boost for me and here I am with stepping a stone in the world of "KDE" along with "writing".

The two fun-filled, knowledge gaining and memorable days really opened a totally new fascinating world before me which I had never come across earlier. "The KDE Community", where people code, share, develop, help, enjoy and celebrate together is really awesome ! 

The First Day:

The day begun with  +Pradeepto Bhattacharya talking about the stories of the heroes like Debayan Benergee, Nikhil Marathe, +Shantanu Tushar Jha , +Vishesh Handa  and many more. The astonishing thing was KDE Meet Up making a mark in the history of KDE !

This was followed by +Vishesh Handa  introducing to Qt("Cute"-cute indeed !) Creator. We were explained the basic stuff like SIGNAL and SLOT, creating SLOTS, Qt-widgets, Qt-eventhandling, QDebug etc. He also gave a brief introduction to "git" and its main command like git init, git status, git add, git commit etc. The best thing that attracted me in +Vishesh Handa's talk was the phrase "Going back in time" with the help of git, i.e. deleting the changes done before. In the hands-on session of Qt and git, I got a Kool T-shirt of KDE for showing my 'smart work'(I did nothing special, just interfaced two different events with the slidebar button and used it for both Zoom-in and Zoom-out.)

At the end of the day, I felt happy that I knew at least something from nothing ! And I think this something was sufficient enough to proceed further.

The Second Day:

The day started with an introduction to Plasma Desktop by +Shantanu Tushar Jha. Plasma Desktop is the most creative and innovative thing I came across in these two days. The wonderful desktop environment, its nice tools used for variuos different functionalities and what not.

Meanwhile I came across a sentence which I would like to mention here.-
                                "Never Look Back"

Yeah! I am talking about the punchline of KDE. Really it inspires me like the due drop inspired +Shantanu Tushar Jha :)

We were then explained in a brief about the "Google Summer Of Code", a very famous and the most 'talked about' thing in DA-IICT, DA-IICT being carrying the tradition of contributing maximum number of people in it.

What I am looking towards now is getting my first patch committed in KDE, truly inspired from +Shantanu Tushar Jha , having his in 2009. I know it is not at all an easy thing but still keeping trying and not losing confidence would be helpful according to me.

The interesting thing is to contribute to a real-world application and comming out from writing simple C-C++-Java code. This makes you feel proud. This boosts your confidence.

After a short introduction to KDE-mailing list and IRC freenode, the session on KDE-Education Project by Rishabh Arora was worth in terms of taking a start with easy and small applications.

Then comes "Nepomuk" - the most complicated thing I had ever heard about. Still it did not look that complicated after a one hour session by +Vishesh Handa, making things simpler. Nepomuk, one of the pillar of KDE seemed interesting to me when I came across the terms and functionalities like File Indexing, Email Indexing, Instant Messaging, Connecting data together, Ratings, Queries, Data Visualisation and many more things.

Finally, after the break, began the hacking session. We downloaded the source code of 'Rekonq'- a web browser and made a small change - editing in urlbar.cpp of webwindow of src folder. I came to know a lot of things during this hands on session like downloading a source code, use of cmake and make, understanding the code, finding the appropriate file to edit, fixing a bug etc.

This led towards the end of two day workshop. I must say the Meet Up was interesting enough to motivate people like me.

The best thing about the Meet Up was the friendliness and helpfulness of people from KDE community as well as GDG-DAIICT. Without that this event would not have been this much successful. 'Having the Knowledge' and 'Sharing that Knowledge' are two totally different things. And I love the idea of sharing ideas of  KDE community.

At the end I would like too end up my post with the famous lines by Robert Frost-

                           "The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
                             But I have promises to keep,
                             And miles to go before I sleep,
                             And miles to go before I sleep."

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Ending here, with a dream of contributing my level best in KDE community.

Vaibhavi Desai