Sunday, 3 April 2016

Women On Web (WoW) : Highlights of Session 4 | Felicitation Ceremony

Venue : Venture Studio, Ahmedabad
Date & Time : January 17, 2-6 pm
Organized by : Utkarsh Foundation

#HelpWomenGetOnline : As mentioned in the Agenda, here are the highlights from the last session of Women On Web event.

Our master in Action : Rekha Adhwaryu - A big thanks to her for motivating the women and co-ordinating with the whole event.

We invited distinguished chief guests to award the certificates to the participants. Jatin Chowdhary from eChai enlightened the women about entrepreneurship.

The participants were awarded the certificates by Jatin Chowdhary (eChai) , Manisha Vaja ( and Jigishaben (Mirambika school)

Speakers getting awarded the certificates!

The cool teacher - Dhruva Shastri

The strict teacher - Jenny Chawla

 Leader of the initiative - Vaibhavi Desai

The mandatory group photograph!!

Monday, 11 January 2016

Women On Web (WoW) : Highlights of Session 3 | Blogger and Social Media

Venue : Sadvichar Parivar, Ahmedabad
Date & Time : January 9, 2-6 pm
Organized by : Utkarsh Foundation

#HelpWomenGetOnline : As mentioned in the Agenda, here are the highlights from the third session of Women On Web event.

This session was aimed at introducing the participants to Blogging, Social Media and Smartphones.

Our speaker Jenny Chawla started the session by introducing them about "Blogging".

The participants were really excited with the concept of a "Blog" and all of them created their own blogs at the session.

This was followed by a detailed informative session on different social media Platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. It took some time initially to understand the differences between all these social platforms, but ultimately they could get the concept well !

Jenny also taught them to use all these applications from their own smartphones, having the world on their fingertips !

A big thanks to Rekha ma'am for helping with the co-ordination.

As this was a smartphone specific session, participants liked it the most ! I will update soon on our next session.

Women On Web (WoW) : Highlights of Session 2 | Gmail & YouTube

Venue : Virtual Height IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
Date & Time : December 26, 3-6 pm
Organized by : Utkarsh Foundation

#HelpWomenGetOnline : As mentioned in the Agenda, here are the highlights from the second session of Women On Web event.

The session was mainly aimed at introducing the women participants to Gmail and YouTube along with a hand-on practice session.


Our first speaker, Dhruva Shastri helped participants creating a Google Account and then explained them all the basic concepts of Gmail. All the participants found this tool very much helpful and interesting as most of them have their relatives staying abroad, and they'd be able to communicate with them well. Also, some women who wish to help their husbands with their business & work, were very much satisfied with the hands-on session.

Here is the link to her presentation - Learning Gmail Basics

This was followed by the YouTube session, by Jenny Chawla. Jenny introduced the participants to the world of Online Videos via YouTube. The participants could make their channels on their own at the end of the session !

Here is the link to her presentation - YouTube Basics

A big thanks to Rekha ma'am for helping with the co-ordination. Also, Pratik and Amar turned out to be a great support throughout the event.

It turned out to be a very informative and interesting session overall ! I will update soon on our next session.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Women On Web (WoW) : Highlights of Session 1 | Google Drive

Venue : Virtual Height IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
Date & Time : December 12, 2-6 pm
Organized by : Utkarsh Foundation

#HelpWomenGetOnline : As mentioned in the Agenda, here are the highlights from the first session of Women On Web event.

The session was mainly aimed at briefing the participants about the whole initiative and teach them the basics of Google Drive along with the hands on session for the same.

The target audience was the women of age group 30-50 years.

I initiated the session by delivering a hangout talk, briefing them how the whole process was going to be, what are our goals, what are we going to achieve at the end of this project, what should people expect out of this whole initiative.

This was followed by the hands-on session on Google Drive by Dipali Vyas. Here's the link to her Presentation. Dipali explained the participants basic concepts of Google drive along with its different features.

The participants were very curious to know new technology, but at the same time it was a bit challenging for Dipali to introduce an altogether new concept to the participants, out of which, most of them were using internet for the first time ! But kudos to her, she could teach all of them at least the basic sessions, and the follow-up sessions after the workshop played a very important role in clarifying their doubts and difficulties.

Here's a small Piece of experience, wonderfully written by our Speaker, Dipali Vyas.

A big thanks to Rekha ma'am for helping with the co-ordination. Also, Dhruva and Jenny turned out to be a great support throughout the event.

Overall, it was a great start to the initiative. I will update soon on our next session.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Agenda : Women On Web initiative

Seeing the awesome response of the audience at WWW Day Celebration, I have planned an initiative on “Women On Web” along with “Utkarsh” Foundation.  

Utkarsh Charitable Trust is a registered non-profit organization, established to support the women who wish to meet their full potential in life, but need a helping hand. The mission to assist women in getting the education or training resources they need for career development. Rekha Adhwaryu is the founder of this organization.


The main motive behind organizing this event is, to help women get online and to impart them basic technology skills, which would in turn make their lives easier ! The target audience is women from the age group 30-50 years. All the sessions are going to be hands on workshops led by different potential speakers and to be supported by some enthusiastic volunteers. The main sessions would be followed by practice sessions for each topics, which would make the concepts more clear and clarify the doubts and difficulties of the attendees.

Here goes the agenda of the event -

Agenda : Women On Web Event

Session 1 : (December 12)

1. Pre-session (hangout) on YouTube Workshop by Vaibhavi Desai - [20 mins]

    1. about the initiative, our agenda, milestones and end goals to be achieved
    2. introduction to Youtube (channels, subscribers, views), importance
    3. briefing on the workshop
    4. suggestions of ideas to the participants

2. Google Drive (Introduction and Hands on) by Dipali Vyas - [1.5 hr]

    1. Structure of drive, how folders and files are organized
    2. creating/editing/deleting docs, spreadsheet, slides and forms
    3. sharing rights, visibility
    4. multiple people working simultaneously on a doc - chat & comment
    5. uploading and downloading files/folders

Session 2 : (December 26)

  1. YouTube Workshop by Jenny Chawla - [5 hrs]

  1. Grouping the participants, setting up the systems [30 min]
  2. introduction, basic concepts (channel, subscribers, views) and briefing about the workflow, helping participants finalize the topics [45 mins]
  3. logo, concept enrichment, creating mock ups, drafting, taglines - presentations [1 hr]
  4. technical - video capturing, transferring to the laptop, upload video on YouTube [45 mins]
  5. YouTube Editor - music, taglines, slides, photographs, captions [30 mins]
  6. tags, description, title, privacy settings, copyright issues, make money with YouTube [20 mins]
  7. Social media pages, hashtags, sharing - facebook, twitter, google+ [30 mins]
  8. Introducing about the YouTube challenge [10 mins]

B.  Gmail  (Introduction and Hands on) by Dhruva Shastri - [1.5 hr]

  1. mail compose
  2. mail send
  3. mail draft
  4. star important mails
  5. labels
  6. search and filter
  7. delete/spam/trash
  8. add signature

Session 3 : (January 10)

Learning to blog effectively by Jenny Chawla-  [2 hrs]

  1. Introduction to blogging and its importance (examples, blogging platforms, types of blogs etc) [30 min]
  2. Hands on Session - Setting up a blog - in groups, participants should be divided in groups of 4-5 and each group should come up with a topic of blogging [30 min]
  3. mockups, drafting, images, tags, heading, title, subtitle preparation - groupwise ; deploy sample blog [1 hr]
  4. Tips for effective Blogging [15 min]
  5. Make money through blogger [15 min]
  6. Social media outreach of the blogs - hands on [30 min]

Session 4 : (January 17) - [1.5-2 hrs]

Concluding Session by Vaibhavi Desai

  1. feedback from participants, sharing the plans for our next season
  2. Lightning talks by some inspirational women figures in technology
  3. Awarding certificate of participation to the attendees

I will soon update about with the progress of our sessions.

Women On Web (WoW) : First WWW Day Celebration at Ahmedabad

Utkarsh Charitable Trust is a registered non-profit organization, established to support the women who wish to meet their full potential in life, but need a helping hand. The mission to assist women in getting the education or training resources they need for career development. Utkarsh is founded and led by Rekha Adhwaryu. Utkarsh organized first ever World Wide Web Day Celebration in Ahmedabad (August 1, 2015), for the women of Ahmedabad city, in order to build up the WoW Tech Ahmedabad (World of Women rising for Technology).


Dr Falguni Vasavda-Oza started the event with a great talk on “Welcome to the Wonderful World of Web”. She is an Associate Professor Marketing Area at MICA - The School of Ideas. She covered the following topics -
  • The scope of internet
  • Explore your world with Social Media
  • Use of Web and Mobile Apps


This was followed by a tech-session on various “Google Technologies” by Vaibhavi Desai, Google Business Group (GBG) Ahmedabad - Women’s City Leader and Google Student Ambassador. She covered the following topics -
  • About GBG Women Ahmedabad Community
  • Basic training of Google products like Gmail, Google Drive and YouTube
  • Monetization through “Blogging” and “Vlogging”


Last but not the least, we had a wonderful session on “eCommerce era for Women to Grow” by Jaidip Parikh, who is an entrepreneur, e-commerce - digital media - social media marketing influencer, CEO of Tej SolPro, a leading Digital Marketing firm in Ahmedabad. He covered the following topics -
  • Scope in e-commerce industry for women
  • How to sell products on amazon, flipkart, snapdeal etc
  • How to promote your online store


The participants were really very much satisfied with the learnings from the event. “Utkarsh” promised them to organize more events on “Women On Web” and “Help Women Get Online” in future also.


After the session, a couple of women were felicitated by the “The WoW factor Award by Utkarsh”, who did some remarkable work for the upliftment and growth of women in society.


Following are some of the coverage of the event in local newspapers.


Women Techmakers Ahmedabad - Event by GDG Ahmedabad

Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are for developers who are interested in Google's developer technology; everything from the Android, Chrome, Drive, and Google Cloud platforms, to product APIs like the Cast API, Maps API, and YouTube API. As a local chapter of GDG (GDG - Ahmedabad), we plan regular meetup/events to discuss, share experience, share and get knowledge amongst the group.

Women Techmakers is Google’s brand and global program for women in technology. Women Techmakers provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology to drive innovation and participation in the field. Women Techmakers events are designed to promote an environment of inclusivity for women in technology, as well as celebrate women leading the industry. We want to advance, grow, and celebrate women developers, designers, and technology entrepreneurs.

In order to celebrate the month of International Women’s Day (March 8), we had a very successful event “Women Techmakers Ahmedabad” on 27th March, 2015 at Ahmedabad University campus. Currently, team GDG Ahmedabad includes Paresh Mayani, Dhrumil Shah, Ketan Raval, Vaibhavi Desai, Utpal Betai, Pratik Patel, Chintan Rathod and Dhruva Shastri.

Following are some statistics regarding the event.

  - Total 75 participants
  - 50% developers + 50% students
  - Gender ratio was 70% (female) - 30% (male)

Technologies/topics covered:
  • Opportunities with Google
  • Google Anita Borg Scholarship
  • App demo of an app made up using Beacons
  • Tech startups - Success Stories
  • Social startups - explaining how website and mobile world is helping them reach out to a larger audience
  • Introduction to Git and GitHub
  • Latest trends in android

The event started with a talk on “Opportunities with Google” by the Women Techmaker Lead of GDG Ahmedabad, Vaibhavi Desai. She explained different initiatives of Google for students and professionals. It included Google Student Ambassador Program, Google Developer Group, Google Business Group, Google Anita Borg Memorial Asia Pacific Scholarship, Google summer of code, Google internship/jobs etc.


This was followed by a tech entrepreneurial talk by Nidhi Suthar, founder of a tech startup - “Persona”. She inspired the audience a lot ! Then we had a session on “Latest trends in Android” by Dhrupal Patel, who works as a Software engineer at InfoStretch Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



After two light sessions, we again had Vaibhavi Desai on board as a speaker, explaining the use of Git and GitHub in detail. She explained the whole technology from scratch, which the participants found very much useful in the era of collaborative working and open source contribution.



We also had some product demos of the women-led-startups, where they talked about their lives, their experiences, how they are using technology to take their startup to an altogether new level.



It included the talks of Monica Yadav (Respire Experiential Learning Group - Breathe the change), Kruthika Katrat (OoWomaniya - Women's Health and Wellness Companion) and Kanan Dhruv (Lawtoon - Where Children can learn the laws Comics way). One demo was on a budding startup - wWhere - World's First Location Sharing Service, which was presented by the team members Kajal Patel and Kinjal Patel.



Last but not the least, the lighting talk by Aditi Gupta (Founder, Menstrupedia - Your guide to healthy periods) on “Using technology effectively for a social change” made a deep impact on people’s minds. Aditi is working towards spreading awareness about menstruation. Aditi made it to the achiever’s list of Forbes India 30 under 30, 2014 for her work towards breaking the taboo around menstruation. Menstrupedis’s website has 2 lakhs visitors per month and a community of 100+ writers on Menstrupedia Blog. Aditi is also is a TEDx Speaker and a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum. She dreams of a future where menstruation is not a taboo but a welcoming change in a girl’s life.


The biggest achievement of the event was, that we had a wonderful combination of  leading women speakers - starting from budding and well recognized startups ( both tech and social ), bright students, experienced developers working in reputed companies of the city.


As this was a woman centric event, we got an extraordinary response from the female participants saying that they want more and more events like this. The invited women speakers proved to be a great source of motivation for all the participants over there.