Friday, 27 December 2013

'Conflictorium' : Depicting Conflict Through Art

'Creativity comes from the CONFLICT of ideas'
                                                            -Donatella Versace

Housed in the Gool Lodge, The Conflictorium is set to be a participatory museum that addresses the theme of conflict in the Mirzapur area of Ahmedabad. It seeks to act as a third space to create a dialogue through art.


Conflict is an inseparable part of an ideal life. Whether we talk about the history – the time of Buddha, Mahavira, Akbar, Gandhi or talk about the present – the current social, political issues - conflict is everywhere. Conflictorium is an initiative to engage the society with a variety of conflict issues, by celebrating plurality and encouraging conflict expression and avoidance in artistic and creative ways.


The different models depicting the above concepts are the following :

Conflict Timeline:

A collection of historical rebels, riots, violence, revolutions  - the news paper cuttings of the same which reflects conflict in a way.

Empathy Alley :

The great Indian leaders – even in today’s world, the shadows of their differences prevail and affect the people.

Empathy Alley :

Moral Compass :

The Constitution of India – the best example of it.

Moral Compass

Sorry Tree :

Aplogizing and forgiving are the most profound of human behaviours, leading as a solution to the conflict. They have the capacity to change the situation.

Sorry Tree

Sorry Tree

Memory Lab : 

Memory Lab is a collection of personal experiences of conflict. You can make a small shape out of clay, place it inside a jar and write a caption on a chit. By collecting these master pieces, the plan is to develop a community art installation.

Memory Lab

Perspectives :

No two people see and imagine in the same way. Everytime it gives a different angle, dimension and though seeing from each others’ position and point of view.


Gallery Of Disputes :

Gallery Of Disputes

Conversation Quadrangle :

It is a small auditorium where every Saturday (5 pm) an episode from the famous Indian series – “Bharat Ek Khoj” is screened. 

Bharat Ek Khoj

The series has been created by Shyam Benegal, inspired from the well known book of Jawaharlal Nehru – “Discovery of India”. You get to see a rare combination of olden culture, dressing, architecture, monuments, people and the most important one – an interesting story.

Discovery Of India

We enjoyed the life story of the great emporer Ashoka, who afterwards left his kingdom and became a true follower of Buddha.



Truly, a place worth visiting !