Monday, 11 January 2016

Women On Web (WoW) : Highlights of Session 3 | Blogger and Social Media

Venue : Sadvichar Parivar, Ahmedabad
Date & Time : January 9, 2-6 pm
Organized by : Utkarsh Foundation

#HelpWomenGetOnline : As mentioned in the Agenda, here are the highlights from the third session of Women On Web event.

This session was aimed at introducing the participants to Blogging, Social Media and Smartphones.

Our speaker Jenny Chawla started the session by introducing them about "Blogging".

The participants were really excited with the concept of a "Blog" and all of them created their own blogs at the session.

This was followed by a detailed informative session on different social media Platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. It took some time initially to understand the differences between all these social platforms, but ultimately they could get the concept well !

Jenny also taught them to use all these applications from their own smartphones, having the world on their fingertips !

A big thanks to Rekha ma'am for helping with the co-ordination.

As this was a smartphone specific session, participants liked it the most ! I will update soon on our next session.

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