Monday, 4 January 2016

Agenda : Women On Web initiative

Seeing the awesome response of the audience at WWW Day Celebration, I have planned an initiative on “Women On Web” along with “Utkarsh” Foundation.  

Utkarsh Charitable Trust is a registered non-profit organization, established to support the women who wish to meet their full potential in life, but need a helping hand. The mission to assist women in getting the education or training resources they need for career development. Rekha Adhwaryu is the founder of this organization.


The main motive behind organizing this event is, to help women get online and to impart them basic technology skills, which would in turn make their lives easier ! The target audience is women from the age group 30-50 years. All the sessions are going to be hands on workshops led by different potential speakers and to be supported by some enthusiastic volunteers. The main sessions would be followed by practice sessions for each topics, which would make the concepts more clear and clarify the doubts and difficulties of the attendees.

Here goes the agenda of the event -

Agenda : Women On Web Event

Session 1 : (December 12)

1. Pre-session (hangout) on YouTube Workshop by Vaibhavi Desai - [20 mins]

    1. about the initiative, our agenda, milestones and end goals to be achieved
    2. introduction to Youtube (channels, subscribers, views), importance
    3. briefing on the workshop
    4. suggestions of ideas to the participants

2. Google Drive (Introduction and Hands on) by Dipali Vyas - [1.5 hr]

    1. Structure of drive, how folders and files are organized
    2. creating/editing/deleting docs, spreadsheet, slides and forms
    3. sharing rights, visibility
    4. multiple people working simultaneously on a doc - chat & comment
    5. uploading and downloading files/folders

Session 2 : (December 26)

  1. YouTube Workshop by Jenny Chawla - [5 hrs]

  1. Grouping the participants, setting up the systems [30 min]
  2. introduction, basic concepts (channel, subscribers, views) and briefing about the workflow, helping participants finalize the topics [45 mins]
  3. logo, concept enrichment, creating mock ups, drafting, taglines - presentations [1 hr]
  4. technical - video capturing, transferring to the laptop, upload video on YouTube [45 mins]
  5. YouTube Editor - music, taglines, slides, photographs, captions [30 mins]
  6. tags, description, title, privacy settings, copyright issues, make money with YouTube [20 mins]
  7. Social media pages, hashtags, sharing - facebook, twitter, google+ [30 mins]
  8. Introducing about the YouTube challenge [10 mins]

B.  Gmail  (Introduction and Hands on) by Dhruva Shastri - [1.5 hr]

  1. mail compose
  2. mail send
  3. mail draft
  4. star important mails
  5. labels
  6. search and filter
  7. delete/spam/trash
  8. add signature

Session 3 : (January 10)

Learning to blog effectively by Jenny Chawla-  [2 hrs]

  1. Introduction to blogging and its importance (examples, blogging platforms, types of blogs etc) [30 min]
  2. Hands on Session - Setting up a blog - in groups, participants should be divided in groups of 4-5 and each group should come up with a topic of blogging [30 min]
  3. mockups, drafting, images, tags, heading, title, subtitle preparation - groupwise ; deploy sample blog [1 hr]
  4. Tips for effective Blogging [15 min]
  5. Make money through blogger [15 min]
  6. Social media outreach of the blogs - hands on [30 min]

Session 4 : (January 17) - [1.5-2 hrs]

Concluding Session by Vaibhavi Desai

  1. feedback from participants, sharing the plans for our next season
  2. Lightning talks by some inspirational women figures in technology
  3. Awarding certificate of participation to the attendees

I will soon update about with the progress of our sessions.

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